How to wash the gold and silver fabric

Precautions for filigree washing:

1. Do not soak in water for a long time, especially you should not soak in hot water and soapy water.

2. Gold and silver wire is afraid of heat, and the strength and tensile force of the wire will be significantly reduced at high temperature. After washing, it should be dried in a cool place.

3. After sweating, the filigree fabric needs to be washed in time

4. Both alkalinity and strong acid can damage the filigree fabrics, so the detergent is best to be neutral detergent, or a special detergent for filigree fabrics can play the best washing effect

5. When drying the gold and silver fabrics, we cannot fold them for drying, they should be laid flat for drying.

6. The filigree fabric should not be sprayed with perfume, freshener, and deodorant, and mothballs should not be placed in storage.

7. Do not hang the gold and silver wire fabric on a hard metal hook to prevent damage to the silk surface.

8. The best water temperature when washing is 30 degrees Celsius.

9. After a long time, the filigree fabric is easy to harden, so it can be soaked in white vinegar diluent to restore its softness

10. When washing, it should be washed separately from other fabrics, not mixed.

The washing steps of the lacquer fabric:

1. Prepare warm water of about 30 degrees, and put the detergent or neutral detergent specially for the filigree fabric in the water.

2. Then gently scrub, do not use a washboard.

3. After rubbing, it needs to be washed twice with clean water.

4. After washing twice, we can dry it.

5. Dry it in a cool and ventilated place, and dry it in a place without direct sunlight.

6. When drying, it needs to be laid flat to dry, and hooks cannot be used.

The gold and silver wire fabric is made of all-round and gold and silver wire as raw materials, and then processed by various processes such as singeing, scouring, oxygen bleaching, shaping, washing, and dyeing. The fabric not only has the comfort and breathability of cotton fabrics, but also has filigree sparkles, so it is called filigree fabric.

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