What materials are gold and silver wires made of?

Gold and silver thread is a yarn made of gold and silver as the main raw material, or a thin strip of chemical fiber film with gold and silver luster. Traditional gold and silver wires are divided into two types: flat gold wires and round gold wires. The gold foil is glued to the paper and cut into thin strips of about 0.5 mm to form a flat gold wire, and then the flat gold wire is wrapped around cotton yarn or silk thread to form a round gold wire. Now some precious traditional fabrics such as Yunjin still use the above-mentioned traditional gold and silver wires. The chemical fiber film gold and silver wire developed in the 1940s is made of two layers of butyl acetate cellulose film sandwiched with a layer of aluminum foil and then cut into thin strips. Later, polyester gold and silver threads made of polyester film through aluminum and color coatings appeared. Polyester gold and silver threads include two-color gold and silver threads, multicolored gold and silver threads, rainbow threads, fluorescent threads, etc.

The editor will give you an example to talk about the different compositions of different gold and silver wires.

Take the gorgeous gold and silver wire as an example:

M type (flat yarn): It is directly cut from polyester film by a high-precision slitting machine. The filigree width can be customized according to customer requirements.

Mainly used for lace, ribbons, trademarks, embroidery, velvet, socks, scarves, warp knitted fabrics, sofas, tablecloths, carpets, handicrafts, Christmas gifts, hair accessories, kitchen cleaning supplies, etc.

MS type: produced by wrapping 1 polyester/rayon thread with 1 gold and silver thread.

STA (All-Inclusive Embroidery Thread): 1 polyester/rayon thread is wrapped with 1 gold and silver thread without gaps.

According to the size of the wrapping gap, it is divided into:

STJ (semi-wrapped embroidery thread): 1 polyester/rayon/sewing thread is wrapped with 1 gold and silver thread with a gap.

The product has a full cylindrical shape and good strength, and is widely used in computer embroidery, hand embroidery, fishing gear, trademarks, ribbons, sweaters, warp knitted fabrics, etc.

MX type (double-covered wire/composite wire): produced by 2 polyester/human silk threads and 1 gold and silver wire bound in both directions.

The products are elegant, elegant and gorgeous, and are mainly used in trademarks, ribbons, warp knitting, yarn-dyed, jacquard heads, embroidery and sweaters.

MH type (single-covered thread): produced by twisting 1 polyester/rayon thread and 1 gold and silver thread.

The product is soft in texture and bright in color, and is an ideal raw material for plain weave, knitted fabrics and wool sweaters; it can also be used in scarves, stockings and other textile industries.

Other types:

Multi-strand wire: It is composed of multiple strands of gold and silver wires.

Mainly used for denim, thick canvas, footwear, bags, embossing, hand-knitted scarves, hand-knitted sweaters, and can also be used for the production of handicrafts.

DC type (colorful wire): The gold and silver wire material used is colorful gold and silver wire.

The collection features a single thread in multiple colors.

Symphony wire: The gold and silver wire material used is phantom wire.

The collection features a thread with a laser effect.

Sesame thread: STJ type thread with a twist greater than or equal to 1323.

Widely used in the manufacture of trademarks, warp knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, ribbons, fashion, decorative fabrics, embroidery, socks, accessories, etc.

Corrugated embroidery thread: MH type thread with a twist of 350.

The product looks like an accordion and has good strength. Widely used in computer embroidery, trademarks, ribbons, warp knitted fabrics, etc.

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