Dressing material is not new? Choose "Gold and Silver Wire" to be shiny and bright, so that you can go out in spring and attract people's attention

The development of gold and silver wire is relatively conventional and has a long history. It has appeared in ancient times, but the gold and silver wire at that time is essentially different from the current gold and silver wire.

In ancient times, gold and silver wire was made of gold foil by smearing gold on paper or smooth sheepskin, and then cutting it into thin strips to make silk. To be precise, gold products are made into silk threads, which are very valuable.

At the same time, it also symbolizes the status of prosperity and wealth, and has become a monopoly style of clothing. Although the gold and silver threads made in this way are beautiful and distinctive. But there are still some drawbacks, the whole wire is relatively stiff

At the same time, it is easy to fade and wear, which is not conducive to preservation. Later, with the continuous development of science and technology, people used chemical methods to manufacture gold and silver wires that are popular and common, and many shortcomings were improved on the original basis.

And it also reduced the cost and entered the public's field of vision. Now the gold and silver wire is soft and comfortable, with a bright luster, and it will not fade due to the change of time. With many different designs, it is very trendy and conspicuous.

Second, the advantages of gold and silver

Clothes infused with filigree elements will always show their own unique advantages, which are obviously different from other colors or forms of clothing. Whether it is at first glance, or when combined with other clothes

The gold and silver threads always exert their magic power all the time. Under the sunlight or magnesium light, it will reflect different visual effects. He is infinitely variable, but also crystal clear and full of mystery.

It can make ordinary colors have a sense of fashion and technology. Different styles of filigree clothing have various effects, sometimes creating a sense of quirky playfulness, and sometimes interpreting retro luxury

3. The style of the filigree clothing

The field of clothing that gold and silver wire is applied to is also very extensive, and it is no longer limited to the knitting category in our impression. Many types of clothing and even accessories can be added with filigree elements to achieve the collision and fusion of various elements, and even unexpectedly produce bright spots

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