ST/MHS type

ST/MHS type

Also known as embroidered thread, it is made of single strands of Metallic M type twisted with  Polyester yarn, Nylon yarn, Rayon, Cotton and other yarns in a fixed direction.
MHS type is made of single strands of Metallic M type and twisted with Polyester yarn, Nylon yarn, Rayon, Cotton and other yarns at a fixed spacing.
The product is cylindrical with good strength. It is widely used in computer embroidery, hand embroidery, fishing gear, label, ribbon, sweater, warp knitted fabric, etc.
Composition: one end of polyester film slitted M type twisted with Polyester yarn or rayon yarn at a fixed very small spacing . After vacuum setting, it was wound on the cone tube of 125g, 250g or 500g.  PST is pure silver metallised embroidery thread, FST is fluorescent embroidery thread
Package: cones, kingspools
Usage: label, lace, decorative cloth, artcraft, embroidery, Christmas decorative cloth, etc. 
Remarks: This product is not resistant to acid and alkali. If you need dyeing, please ask for free samples for test.

Product Category: New World Fiber

Key words: Yantai gold and silver wire, Shandong gold and silver wire

Width Supported yarn Length/kg(Sliver) Wight/Cone
1/100" 75D,Rayon or Polyester yarn 73,000M(123D) 250G, 500G
1/100" 120D,Rayon or Polyester yarn 53,000M(170D) 250G, 500G
1/100" 150D,Rayon or Polyester yarn 46,000M(200D) 250G, 500G
1/100" 75D,+ 70D SPAN (20D,30D, 40DSPAN) 64,000M (140D) 250G, 500G
1/64" 75DRayon or Polyester yarn 60,000M(150D) 250G, 500G
1/64" 120DRayon or Polyester yarn 45,000M(200D) 250G, 500G
1/64" 150DRayon or Polyester yarn 40,000M(230D) 250G, 500G
1/64" 75D,+ 70D SPAN (20D,30D, 40DSPAN) 53,000M (170D) 250G, 500G
ST/MHS type

PSTP - 1/69 110DN

It is made of pure silver film laminated with soft paper and covered with 110D Nylon. After special process treatment and with Pure Silver film characteristics, the color is delegant and gorgeous, the color fastness is excellent, super strong and super soft. It is very suitable for 1500rpm high-speed embroidery machine, and can reach 3000rpm for quilting . It is suitable for high-speed embroidery machine and sewing machine

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ST/MHS type

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