MH type

MH type

It is made of one end of polyester film slitted M type and twisted with Polyester yarn, Nylon yarn, Rayon, Cotton and other yarns .This product is soft in texture and gorgeous in color.
This product has a wide range of colors, and is widely used in plain knitting, knitting, woolen sweater, scarf, knitting socks, Christmas products, etc.
Composition: polyester film slitted M type twisted with one end of Polyester yarn, Nylon yarn, Rayon yarn and other yarns.
Package: cones, flat tube
Usage: Clothing, sweater, embroidery, stocking, scarves, decorative cloth, etc. 
Remarks: This product is not resistant to acid and alkali. If you need dyeing, please ask for free samples for test.

Product Category: New World Fiber

Key words: Yantai gold and silver wire, Shandong gold and silver wire

Width Thickness Composition(appr.) Length/kg Wight/Cone
1/110" 12Mic. 39% Metallic Yarn
61% 68D Polyester Yarn
91000M±3%(108D) 500g
1/110" 12Mic. 38% Metallic Yarn
62% 70D Nylon Yarn
79600M±3%(110D) 500g
1/110" 12Mic. 35% Metallic Yarn
65% 75D Polyester Yarn
76200M±3%(115D) 500g
1/168" 12Mic. 41% Metallic Yarn
59% 40D Nylon Yarn
117650M±3%(76.5D) 500g
1/168" 12Mic. 27.5% Metallic Yarn
72.5% 40D Nylon Yarn
117650M±4%(114.8D) 500g
1/127" 12Mic. 44.4% Metallic Yarn
55.6% 40D Nylon Yarn
117650M±4%(81D) 500g
1/127" 12Mic. 31.2% Metallic Yarn
69.8% 40D Nylon Yarn
117650M±6%(119.2D) 500g
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MH type