M type
The product is made of polyester film by high-precision slitting machine. The colors are gorgeous and dazzling. We generally have silver, light gold, dark gold, multicolor, rainbow, hologram and other colors.
It is mainly used for lace, ribbon, label, embroidery, hosiery, scarf, warp knitted fabric, sofa cloth, hair decoration, kitchen washing products, etc.
Composition: the polyester film is coated and slitted into different required width.
Package: on ABS bobbin, 100#,150#,200#,250#
Usage: Label, ribbon, various decorative fabrics, sweater, handicraft, dishwashing cloth, embroidery, etc.
Remarks: This product is not resistant to acid and alkali. If you need dyeing, please ask for free samples for test.


Thickness Length/kg(Silver) Length/kg(Colors)
1/32" 12Mic. 65,000M(138D) 61,000(147D)
1/69" 12Mic. 140,000M(64D) 130,000(69D)
1/85" 12Mic. 176,000M(51D) 163,000(55D)
1/100" 12Mic. 204,000M(44D) 191,000(47)
8Mic. 307,000m(29D) 290,000M(31D)
6Mic. 409,000M(22D) 375,000(24D)
1/110" 12Mic. 225,000M(40D) 209,000(43D)
1/127" 12Mic. 257,000M(35D) 237,000(38D)
8Mic. 286,000M(23D) 360,000M(25D)
6Mic. 514,000M(17D) 480,000M(18)
1/168" 12Mic. 310,000M(29D) 290,000(31D)
8Mic. 470,000M(19D) 428,000M(21D)
6Mic. 620,000M(14D) 600,000(15D)
1/254" 12Mic. 500,000M(18D) 473,000M(19D)
8Mic. 750,000M(12D) 690,000(13D)
1/500" 12Mic. FIBER (9D) FIBER(10D)


M type

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